Where did I go?

I’m struggling with whether or not I should delete this blog. I have obviously been neglecting it for months, and I’m not sure that maintaining a moderate sodium intake of 2,000mg a day is enough material for a blog. The truth is that I have not been paying attention to my sodium intake at all, and therefore have no clue whether I’ve been maintaining my 2,000mg a day range.  I’m hoping Meniere’s Disease just ignores me and never impacts my health, but that’s ridiculous. De Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt! (hyuck!) I still sometimes feel stuffy or hear something funky in my left ear. That probably means that meniere’s ISN’T GOING AWAY! So I should recommit to tracking sodium, and recommit to this blog.

Keeping track sucks! I’ll just say it! It sucks!

Maybe I will challenge myself to track my food on this blog (count sodium only, not calories or anything else) for a while to see if (a) I’m capable of that sort of commitment, and (b) it spurs some new blogging inspiration.

Lets see if I can remember what I ate today:

1/2 Cup Milk – 51 mg
1 Cup Corn Chex – 289mg
1 cup OJ – 2mg
Breakfast total: 342 – Not bad!

2 slices asiago bread – 416mg? not sure of sizing
6? slices deli turkey (maybe 4 oz?) – 1494mg?! not sure on this one either
1 tsp mustard – 57mg? that is a surprise
3/4 cup french fries – 496mg …this is starting to hurt…
1 tbs ketchup  – 167 mg
Lunch Total: I can’t count that high… OK fine, 2,630mg. OUCH. Someone needs to work on healthy lunches at work!!

1 ciabatta roll –  270 mg
green giant “healthy weight” frozen veg  (entire box, 2 servings ) – 480 mg
Dinner Total: 750 mg, which is still too much for one meal.

(sodium amounts are from the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference except for the dinner stuff which I found elsewhere online.)

wow, it always amazes me how tracking your food makes you SO NOT HUNGRY. Blech.

So Today’s estimate of sodium intake is 3,722mg.

Um, yeah, maybe I need to start paying attention again. Also, I lied, I kind of am hungry.


One response to “Where did I go?

  1. Just started found your blog. Just going thru the same thing. Crap. Was hoping it wasn’t Meniere’s until I read your “whoomping” sound; and that describes it to a “T”. Just got issued the same diet and trying to navigate what the heck I can eat. Keep up your blog, it’s helpful out here in Texas!

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