Happy Hydrops!

Hello my fair blog readers! I’ve got some good news for you!

I just went to my ENT Doc for a follow-up visit to the sad and depressing diagnosis in March. I had another hearing test (audiogram) and my hearing is NORMAL!! Wahooo! There is still a bit of a difference between my left and right ear, but both ears are in the “normal” range. Yay for normal!

He explained that a small subset of Meniere’s Patients never get the dizziness symptoms (I still haven’t) and those patients are said to just have “Endolymphatic Hydrops” which just refers to some kind of inner ear craziness:

wow, look how engorged that membranous labyrinth is! (um, click through to see what the normal one looks like. it's like those games where you have to find the differences in the 2 pictures!)

So the plan is for me to just keep taking my little green and yellow water pill every morning for the rest of my life and to keep sodium around 2g a day for the rest of my life. You know, as best as I can. Without going crazy. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

In other news, are there enough of you out there to do a product giveaway? I might have an offer to do one that I’d be interested in trying…I feel like a real blogger now that I’ve got an offer to give away products!


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