Low Bass Tone

Whenever I think of tinnitus, I always think of the phrase, “ringing in the ear” which implies (to me) something that sounds maybe like the bell signaling the changing of class periods in a high school.


A somewhat mid-range tone that’s clearly audible. Starting last night, I’ve been hearing some craziness in my left ear again, not at all like what I thought “tinnitus” would be…

I’d describe it as a low bass tone, sometimes interrupted with short stops rather than being continuous, and (thankfully, I guess) barely audible. It’s pretty distracting because I was just laying in bed last night trying to notice it enough to characterize it. Hmm, I’m listening for something that isn’t there, I think that means I’ve officially gone nuts? It was sort of reverberating. I was trying to tell if it had a pattern to it, if it was in sync with my heartbeat (I don’t think it was) or whether I was imagining the short interruptions entirely and it really was a continuous low tone… I guess I eventually fell asleep and woke up to hear it once more.

There may have been a day or two that I forgot to take the diuretic pill  I’m supposed to take to keep the Meniere’s under control. Whoops! Maybe that’s why I’ve been hearing it. I took the pill this morning and I think the tone is gone for now, but then again it’s harder to listen when there’s ambient noise in the room!

I don’t have much for you in the way of low-sodium eating today… lately I haven’t been paying much attention to sodium… just trying to stay away from over-processed food and seeing if I can get away with it!


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