Sodium Hangover

Birthday celebration last night – the Husband picked a Chinese place which of course makes it just about impossible to stay low-sodium. I had grand plans of asking the waitress for no seasoning, but chickened out last minute when I decided to order a dish I hadn’t tried before, Mandarin Chicken with Garlic. My dad was there and valiantly ordered the Three Delicacies with no salt (the waitress was like, “it will not have flavor” and he was like “that’s fine with me!”) and it was pretty good. I wish I had ordered low-sodium too! We then had TWO kinds of birthday cake (it was my Dad’s birthday AND the Husband’s birthday (and my Grandpa’s*, but he wasn’t there) …got to have one cake for each!) Overall it was a pretty indulgent evening.

Me and two of the Birthday Boys

So this morning my eyelids feel puffy and my wedding rings are tight around my finger. There was no alcohol whatsoever involved during the entire evening, and yet I’m feeling overtired and sluggish. Yep, I’ve got a sodium hangover.

Luckily the strategy to get over a sodium hangover is much like getting over a regular hangover – drink tons of water and have a greasy breakfast! OK, not the greasy breakfast part. I had my tasty shredded wheat with no sodium this morning. But bring on the water!!

What’s your strategy to get over a hangover? Are you all about the greasy breakfast or do you just sleep it off?

*yes, for three generations in a row, women in my family have married men who were born on April 21st. What are the odds of that??


2 responses to “Sodium Hangover

  1. hey, just came across your blog. i’m a fellow meniere’s sufferer of over 12 years now. i am lucky that sodium doesn’t seem to affect me. as i was reading this entry, i wondered if you had considered msg as a trigger? i know the swelling is most likely sodium but i know a lot of people with meniere’s can’t handle msg either. the fun with this disease just never stops!

    great blog! keep it up!

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