“Hint of Salt” Triscuits

The other day at the grocery store, this box caught my eye as I was speeding through the snack aisle:

hello, convenient snack that might be good for me!

In my last post, I started to talk about how you can’t always trust what the front of the package says when it comes to label claims. So I was definitely a little wary when I picked up this box. I was happy to see it was a shocking 0mg of sodium per serving!!! I merrily tossed it into my cart and went on with the rest of my shopping.

Ha. whoops. By the time I was enjoying them for lunch today [OK, there was nothing else easy to bring. I know triscuits is not a complete meal, but give me a break, I’m a busy gal!] I noticed some tiny sparkling crystals adorning the tufts of toasted what. I immediately looked up the nutrition info again and saw the sodium content is actually 50mg of sodium, something my frazzled grocery-shopping brain failed to recognize.

That’s still not a bad sodium deal for a easy and convenient snack item, especially since I would argue that these Triscuits are actually tastier than their full-salt counterparts. My hypothesis is that they toast them just a bit more to enhance the flavor that is lacking from the low salt. It ends up being delectable.

Moral of the story: not only can you not always trust food labels, but you can’t always trust your frazzled mind to read food labels properly!


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