Test your Sodium Smarts!

I’ve been doing some more low-sodium blog searching (still have not found the Low Sodium Girl) and I came across a link to this fun quiz on the Consumer Reports website. I’ll have you know, dear dedicated blog readers (anybody? anybody out there? Bueller?) that you are in GOOD HANDS reading this here blog for low sodium advice*, because I got eleven out of twelve answers correct. The only comparison I got wrong was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups vs. Black Licorice, and let’s face it, I never eat either of those anyway. OK, maybe I’ll have a Peanut Butter cup or two (or three) around Halloween, but I’d never buy them otherwise. And black licorice? eaauggh. ’nuff said.

So I invite you to click on through to see how Sodium-Savvy you are. I’d love to hear what your score is in the comments on this post! (Mostly so I can feel even better about my awesome 11 out of 12. I’d like to see you beat that!)

…and if clicking the photo above does not work, try this: http://www.consumerreports.org/health/healthy-living/diet-nutrition/diets-dieting/sodium-in-food/sodium-quiz/sodium-quiz.htm

*Um, that reminds me, I need to make a Disclaimer page explaining that I’m not qualified to give anybody advice on anything. Not even whether that pair of pants makes your butt look big. So if you listen to me and your life goes awry, it’s totally not my fault.


8 responses to “Test your Sodium Smarts!

  1. 11 out of 12. I screwed up on the nuts! (TWSS!)

  2. Here is a low sodium recipe site you might be interested in:


    I found it when I was trying to cut back on my sodium intake. 🙂

  3. I very much failed at this one… sigh….

    question: is there a big sodium difference from NaCl table salt and the nicer Sea Salt from whole foods?

    • ok, but HOW BAD did you fail?? 😛

      There’s not much difference between mined salt and sea salt in terms of sodium. There are some trace minerals in Sea Salt that are typically processed out of mined salt, so people claim it is healthier. But from a sodium standpoint, they’re both just as bad! I wonder if that’s a common misconception!? Maybe I’ll have to write a post about it!

  4. eh, 7 out of 5…tho’ I don’t buy most of the stuff they compared.

  5. haha I only got 5 right. man… I did not eat most of those foods though, so I was guessing. Also you got the licorice and peanut butter question wrong and they were only 50mg apart anyway… not some drastic difference! The quiz was a little nitpicky and used some obscure and very specific brand items. You must be really on top of your stuff to get that many right! I could not believe a quesadilla from chili’s was 5,000 some mg of sodium. disgusting. and that mcdonalds salad was more than a large french fry… one of the most sodium heavy things. I swear they definitely sprinkle a crapload more sodium on those fries to make it way more than 350mg or something. Okay now I’m just rambling. Thanks for the quiz… informative!

  6. 8 out of 12. Not as good as I would have hoped, but there were a few I thought they were trying to trick me on and it turns out they weren’t.

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